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CasaGees Pizza Delivery Bishops Cleeve

Pizza Delivery Bishops Cleeve, Prestbury, Woodmancote, Stoke Orchard

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Why the name change?

Well a couple of reasons.

Namely we have big plans for the brand which includes franchising out the concept so that we can show people how to make dough from……well making dough!!

In order to do this we needed to have a name we could trademark and PapaGees for obvious reasons was never going to be accepted by a certain big pizza chain!

CasaGees was chosen for two reasons.

Casa is Italian for home – and the whole concept of our pizza business is that the pizzas are made in a home – not a shop or restaurant.

Secondly CasaGees is not gender specific so any aspiring female pizza maker won’t be deterred from considering our franchise!

If you are interested in finding out more about the upcoming franchise opportunity (launching Oct/Nov 2022)

Please complete this form and we’ll send you some more details!

Please be assured that nothing but the name has changed!

Same set up, same delicious Neapolitan style pizza!

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